The ZYDECATS play a potent mixture of Blues, Zydeco, Rockabilly, Louisiana Music and Western Swing with the emphasis on dance beats. Boasting some of Perth's most accomplished performers, ZYDECATS have firmly established a large and loyal following.


LUCKY OCEANS ------ Pedal Steel Guitar, National Steel Guitar, Accordions and Vocals

BILL ROGERS ---------- Saxophone, Harmonica, Rub-Board, Keyboards and Vocals

KENT HUGHES --------- Guitars and Vocals

GRAEME BELL --------- Bass Guitar, Double Bass and Vocals

RIC EASTMAN ---------- Drum Kit

Zydecats poster -
artwork by Mike

Zydecats logo -
artwork by Mike

Latest News

Zydecats at Clancys this Fri 29th Sept

29th September 2017

It's us again - Zydecats at Clancys this Fri 29th Sept 2017 from 8pm

Come join us

Clancys Fish pub,

28th July 2017

Clancys Fish pub,
cantonment street,

friday 28th july,
2 X sets, starting at 8pm