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zydecats at clancys

Thursday September 29 2016

Have you heard the news -there's good rockin' this Friday night ( 30th Sept)

Zydecats at Clancys (last Fiday of the month) 8 til 10pm with special guest Bob Patient (in Lucky's absence) presiding over good rockin' piano and hot smoking organ, Beast on a long leash with all stops out, honkin' shoutin' Bill Rogers havin' a go , spankin' Graeme Bell givin' it a slap and swingin' Ric Eastman beatin' it into submission

Please join us as we will the end of winter and put a spring in your steps

Ps. We'll be at the South Freo Footy Club again for the Freo Worker's Club on Oct 9th (6 til 9pm) - Please join us

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