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Woodford Folk Festival

Photos from the Woodford folk festival.

Last Night of the Conty

Claremont Hotel 15th May 2004.
Photos courtesy of Marge Borthwick

Kent Hughes - A Pictorial History

What you will see here are some traces of my musical journey from high school to the beginning of the Zydecats. I've scanned a few photos from my archive and written a short note to accompany each. I hope what follows will at least entertain if not edify you.

random stuff

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zydecat poster

performance pics

ben & kon era pics

live in the park behind Clancys.

rocket 88

some pics of the rockabilly band kent played in in the 80s


Us on tour


I am seventeen in this photo. I can’t play the guitar yet but I’ve got a fair idea on how to pose. My father made the guitar from imagination. The other guitar in the corner of the photo is my first electric, a Teisco. It was sunburst and I painted it with black house-paint. My lead guitarist mate Mario ‘Wally ’ Ambrosini (see ‘Acme Cat’) built the speaker boxes in my old man’s shed which you can see to the right.