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Woodford Folk Festival

Photos from the Woodford folk festival.

Last Night of the Conty

Claremont Hotel 15th May 2004.
Photos courtesy of Marge Borthwick

Kent Hughes - A Pictorial History

What you will see here are some traces of my musical journey from high school to the beginning of the Zydecats. I've scanned a few photos from my archive and written a short note to accompany each. I hope what follows will at least entertain if not edify you.

random stuff

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zydecat poster

performance pics

ben & kon era pics

live in the park behind Clancys.

rocket 88

some pics of the rockabilly band kent played in in the 80s


Us on tour


About 1987 or so. Bob Patient and me relaxing at a barbie in a park. We’re both in obvious rock and roll mode. Whenever Lucky sees me wearing that ‘Gilley’s Bar’ top I’m sporting in this photo, it brings to his mind some unpleasant incident in Mickey Gilley’s car park (Texas, that is). I can't remember how the story goes. (Lucky comments: we’d done a gig there and my Dodge Dart wouldn’t start. Afterwards I had to fight the club's policy of towing away any car left in the parking lot after 2A.M.)