Band Biography

1992 - Escaping from the smoking wreck of the widely and critically acclaimed Dude Ranch, Lucky Oceans (world renowned steel guitarist, and by now button accordionist) approached Bill Rogers (vocals, sax and harmonica) about starting a band to play some Zydeco. With ex-Dude Ranch guitarist/vocalist & Rock and Roll encyclopedia Kent Hughes involved, this trio began to rehearse while they searched for both repertoire and rhythm section.

From the start, the idea was to combine Zydeco with 'Cat' music - swing, jump blues and rockabilly, plus any other style that suited the line-up, including rock and roll, country blues, soul, R&B, Cajun and New Orleans R&B, plus a handful of Lucky's and Kent's own songs from the Dude Ranch song book.


Band Members

Bill Rogers

As a teenager in the era of Them, Rolling Stones, The Animals, Spencer Davis, Manfred Mann, Paul Butterfield etc. I was inspired to start singing and playing harmonica (and later saxophone, and sought the roots of this powerful music (Ray Charles, James Brown, Howlin Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Fats Domino etc.)... [more]

Lucky Oceans

Born at the Women's Homoeopathic Hospital (nothing homoeopathic about it) on April 22, 1951, he began his life in that most derided city of brotherly love - Philadelphia, housed first in an apartment in Germantown, then into a newly developed suburb, an expression of post-war optimism, anachronistically called Wyndmoor... [more]

Ric Eastman

Interests/Hobbies: Anything involving being in the South West (particulary Denmark). Coffee (Making), Reading (Ludlum, Forsythe, Clancy, Grisham, Bryson, Biographies etc) West Coast, Ashes, Swimming(me, not someone else), Observation of low flying aircraft, Monty Python, Space and finally ..... [more]

Graeme Bell

From a large, noisy and boisterous musical family of Anglo-Germans...what more can I say? Played piano as a child but any keyboard aspirations were extinguished when a 'friend' dropped a two cent piece between the keys at our inaugural gig, thus causing... [more]

Kent Hughes

Please visit the picture gallery - for an incomplete pictorial history.

What you will see there are some traces of my musical journey from high school to the beginning of the Zydecats... [more]