Graeme Bell

From a large, noisy and boisterous musical family of Anglo-Germans...what more can I say? Played piano as a child but any keyboard aspirations were extinguished when a 'friend' dropped a two cent piece between the keys at our inaugural gig, thus causing the keyboard to explode dramatically in a grand theatrical style! Hence as the bass chair was vacant 'a little step to the right' was prudent.

Played in various bands as a teenager before attempting to discover a 'real job'. Failed at finding a 'real job' and became a musician instead. Studied Bass at the Conservatorium of Music (WAAPA) and have spent the last ten years trying to forget everything that I learnt!

Having a leaning towards energetic dance music, I have played with several local dance bands including Sub-Ukranium (funk) featuring Konrad Park(drums), The Velvet Playboys featuring Adam Hall (Vegas swing), Sabroson (latin) and Tatterjack which is currently performing traditional Irish music for Musica Viva. And of course, The Zydecats!

In addition to live performances, I have recorded a CD of original songs with Sic featuring Dave MacDonald (The Waifs) and have collaborated with Quintin George (aka Captain Cleanup)on his debut CD of environmentally educational songs.

I am looking forward to continuing feasting on this smorgasbord of musical delight!


Fender Jazz Bass USA
Double Bass


The Zydecats - Live at Clancy's
Sic - Six Songs
Sub-Ukranium - People with Funk
Captain Cleanup - Australia, I Love You!
Tatterjack - Musica Viva
Que? - Luisa Lavor