Kent Hughes

Please visit the picture gallery - for an incomplete pictorial history.

What you will see there are some traces of my musical journey from high school to the beginning of the Zydecats. I've scanned a few photos from my archive and written a short note to accompany each. I hope what follows will at least entertain if not edify you.


Guitars -- Electronic, Electric & Acoustic:4 string, 5 string, 6 string, 12 string W.H.Y


Steve Tallis Unit 'Steve Tallis Unit'(Monkey Music 1985)
Dave Hole & Helping Hands 'Bindoon 1985(video)'C.C.Productions 1985
Steve Tallis Unit 'Steve Tallis Unit'(Monkey Music 1987)
Dude Ranch 'Dude Ranch'(Independent 1991)
Zydecats 'Zydecats'(Independent 1998)
Bob Patient 'Let's Get Into Trouble' (Independent 1999)
Love Needs Care 'Total Lack Of Commitment' (Independent 2000)
Zydecats 'Live At Clancys' (Independent 2005)
Various Artists 'The dig Austalian Blues project' (ABC music 2005)
Gandharva 'Gandharva'(Independent 2006)


Steve Tallis
Dave Hole BSc.
Perth Blues Club
The Rock Inn
The Acoustic Inn
Media,Entertainment & Arts Alliance